About Kayak Hire

Get our kayaks dropped off anywhere in Leicestershire to suit you, making it easier to explore the River Soar than ever before!

Experience this...

  • Paddle to a riverside pub and stop off for some nibbles and drinks
  • Pitch up at the side of the river and enjoy a picnic
  • Explore the rivers natural beauty and hidden history
  • Or just simply lose yourself in the mesmerising sound of nothing but your paddle gliding into the water
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Get closer to nature with Let's Get Lost Leicester

Details of hiring 

Get in touch to hire our kayaks and to discuss access points and routes to take along the beautifully peaceful River Soar. You can hire for 1 hour up to the whole day.


Paddle along the river at your own pace and discover all the hidden gems you usually couldn't reach on foot. All prices below are priced per kayak (pk)


March 2017 - November 2017


  • 1 Kayak - 1hour £15pk, Half day (4hours) £45pk, Full day (8hours) £60pk
  • 2-4 Kayaks - 1hour £13pk, Half day (4hours)  £39pk, Full day (8hours) £52pk 
  • 5-10 Kayaks - 1hour £11pk, Half day (4hours) £33pk, Full day (8hours) £44pk


  • 1 Kayak - 1hour £22pk, Half day (4hours) £66pk, Full day (8hours) £88pk
  • 2 Kayaks - 1hour £19pk, Half day (4hours)  £57pk, Full day (8hours) £76pk
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