Recycle 'non-recyclable' items at Fosse Park M&S

Recycle 'non-recyclable' items at Fosse Park M&S

A new recycling project aimed at turning plastic into playground equipment is being launched at Marks & Spencer’s Fosse Park store in Leicester.

The scheme will accept types of plastic not normally taken by council-run recycling schemes in the city and county.

M&S said they want to “prevent plastic waste from going to landfill” by helping customers to bring back non-recyclable plastic packaging.

Customers can drop a variety of plastic packaging into new recycling bins at the Fosse Park store.

A spokesman for M&S said: “The scheme will accept items including black ready meal trays, crisp packets, sauce sachets and certain cosmetics containers, all of which aren’t currently recycled by local councils and typically end up in landfill.”

The recycling scheme will take types of plastic not normally recycled by local authorities (Image: M&S)

The retailer has pledged to give collected plastic a new life by recycling it into store fittings, furniture and playground equipment for schools.

The scheme will also see collection points installed at primary schools across Leicester in collaboration with the waste education social enterprise, Wastebuster, where pupils will be taught about the importance of recycling and reducing plastic waste, with the plastic collected “transformed into playground equipment for pupils to enjoy”.

Katy Newnham, a director at Wastebuster, said: “If education is one of the most powerful weapons that can be used to change the world, children are the agents of change.

“This project aims to harness that potential by informing, inspiring and empowering children to help unlock the potential of UK plastic recycling and become the responsible consumers of tomorrow.”

“Schools may only generate a small percentage of UK plastics, but they represent 100% of tomorrow’s population. By educating children to see how they can help care for the environment, through responsible management of plastics, we are empowering the next generation the tools and mindset to shape a more sustainable future.”

Laura Fernandez, Senior Packaging Technologist at M&S, added: “As we continue to work towards our plastic reduction goals, we want to go a step further and help our customers and the next generation to have a real impact on the environment.”

She added: “Customers often don’t know how best to recycle certain types of plastic or where it goes after being collected by local councils.

“We’re on a mission to provide a greater awareness of landfill avoidance and plastic recyclability, while ultimately helping our customers to give plastic a new purpose and support a truly circular economy.”

As part of its plastic plan, M&S said it will ensure all of its packaging is widely recyclable by 2022, which will see the retailer remove 1,700 tonnes of black plastic packaging by this Spring.

Fosse Park M&S is among the first stores to run the recycling scheme before it is rolled out to other stores in the UK by the end of the year.

Plastic technology firm, Dow, is supporting the project to help give the collected plastic a new purpose.

The M&S spokesman said: “As part of our goal of becoming a zero-waste business by 2025, we are committed to only using plastic in the business where there is a clear and demonstrable benefit of doing so.”

The retailer said it is replacing it with “planet friendly” alternatives.

It has already started phasing out black plastic used in products such as ready meals and and fruit and vegetables, and intends to extend this to fish, meat and poultry later this year.

M&S has already phased out 75 million pieces of plastic cutlery given out in its stores each year and replaced two million straws with paper alternatives.


Resource curtesy of Leicestershire Live

What Everyone Should Know About The UK’s Litter Problem

What Everyone Should Know About The UK’s Litter Problem

Litter may not always be at the forefront of people’s minds in our busy modern world, however statistics – and sometimes a quick glance at the area around you – show that we really do need to take action on this growing problem in the UK. Whilst it is suggested by Keep Britain Tidy that 57% of people in our country believe that litter is a problem in their area, it is people who cause the problem in the first place. And what a big problem it has become.


The Cost of Litter

Clearing up the litter dropped in the streets and green spaces in England alone is costing the UK taxpayer £1 billion a year. In addition to that, Scotland spend £75 million on keeping their land litter-free too. This is money that shouldn’t really need to be spent, and money which could be much better spent on public services such as the NHS.

The Dangers of Litter

There are not just direct costs involved with the dropping of litter, but indirect ones too, such as: damage made to vehicle tyres, harm to animals, drain blockages causing floods and an increase in rat populations. This is of course just a few random examples; the scope for danger caused by litter is large.

Keep Britain Tidy’s 2013 litter survey listed mental health and wellbeing, crime rates, damage by vermin and road traffic accidents as examples of important things that litter can have a negative effect on. There are far too many to list here.

The RSPCA receives around 7000 calls a year regarding animals that have been injured by litter; this includes pets as well as wildlife.

The Hidden Litter Problem

Our nation has turned in to a mass of litterbugs; 62% of people in England drop litter, although only 28% will admit to it. The problem is that, with so much money being pumped in to keeping our streets clean, some areas are indeed very clean, meaning nobody sees the problem. Out of sight, out of mind.

Other areas, however, end up neglected, and with a limit on local funds they simply fill with litter. Even with the amount of money currently being spent on cleaning up the UK, there is still litter on the streets. Something needs to change – we need to stop dropping litter.

“It’s bad for the spirit to walk through filth. Littering is important. It’s disgraceful. Why should everyone live in a teenagers’ bedroom? Peek into a hedge here and it’s like a trash can…” – David Sedaris, comedian and litter campaigner, talking about litter in the UK

Problems With The Solutions

Street Litter

Local authorities are able to hand out fines for those they see dropping litter, however this solution has caused controversy as it has become more frequent in our towns and cities.

David Baker of Stourbridge in the West Midlands voluntarily collects litter 7 days a week for most of the year in his local area, but was recently handed a fixed penalty fine for fly-tipping due to placing a pizza box and a couple of his personal items of junk mail in a public litter bin.

Meanwhile, a woman in Smethwick – Vanessa Kelly – was fined for feeding the ducks in her local park, as this was seen as littering by the council warden who ‘caught’ her in the act. The warden allowed her child to carry on feeding though, as he was deemed too young to prosecute!

In theory the fines are a good idea, and should work as a preventative measure that puts people off littering and makes them think twice before dropping rubbish. However, as the above examples show, the definitions of littering and fly-tipping need to be generalised across the country in order for the system to be taken seriously.


There were only 2,000 convictions out of 825,000 reported cases of fly-tipping in the UK – and that is only the reported cases. With such poor rates of punishment with regards to fly-tipping, it is no surprise that people are continuing to do it.


As it stands the UK is paying way too much for a problem that is entirely avoidable. We need to work on methods of prevention, and renew our pride in our communities and ourselves.

What Can You Do?

Let’s Get Lost Leicester are running monthly river clean ups on the last Thursday of every month - You get a free paddle and the river gets cleaner #win-win, register your interest by clicking here or find out more.


Information curtesy of Forge Recycling

5 Top Tips for taking your dog paddling

5 Top Tips for taking your dog paddling

We loved this article from Go Paddling so much we had to share it…

Thinking about taking your dog paddling? No!? You should! Paddling with your dog is a great way to include them on your adventures. After all, dogs are part of the family, so it’s only natural that you want to take them with you. To help you get started, we’ve got some handy tips…

5 top tips for taking your dog paddling

  1. Protect your pooch – It may seem obvious but it’s important to take your dog swimming before you take them out. It gives you and them confidence. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, a well fitted dog buoyancy aid with a lifting handle is a must. The fit and handle are super important if you need to lift your dog back into the boat. You also need to think about things like drinking water, a small first aid kit (including Vaseline), vet wrap and gauze.

  2. Claw patrol – Ensure you have proper covers on your kit so your dog can’t damage it with their claws. It’s worth having airbag covers in your canoe, and drybags come in handy too, doubling up as a dog bed, especially on paddleboards!

  3. Fur the love of nature – Sorry to lower the tone, but a good supply of poo bags is an essential part of any doggy adventure, plus a dedicated ‘storage’ box like an old tupperware clip box. Also be aware of the environment you are in and be careful of other wildlife. Dogs love to play duck chase, so use a lead if you think your dog might be feeling a bit cheeky!

  4. Paws for thought – Shocking we know, but not everyone loves your dog as much as you. Ask people you are paddling with if they are comfortable having a dog there before you head out.

  5. Fun unleashed – Above all, have fun but remember to be safe and respectful. Think ahead and pack a bag of treats including floating tennis balls, a frisbee and food. Scope out trips you can do where there are dog friendly pubs or picnic sites where your dog can run.

Now you’re ready to go paddling with your four-legged friend. Don’t forget to take lots of cute dog pics along the way!

Content curtesy of: Go Paddling

Turn 25 Days Annual Leave into 55 Days off Work in 2019

Turn 25 Days Annual Leave into 55 Days off Work in 2019

Some handy tips from Much Better Adventures…

Here’s the Dates to Book to Turn 25 Days Annual Leave into 55 Days off Work in 2019

Maximising your time off is something of an art form, requiring tactical thinking, some strategic sweet talking to HR and probably an innocent smile on your face when your boss finally signs off on it.

However, by taking advantage of the freakishly advantageous way next year’s bank holidays fall and shot-gunning some key dates early, it’s actually possible to supersize your annual leave in 2019, turning the standard 25 days holiday into a whopping 55 days of holiday, not to mention opening the door to some incredible adventures.

Here’s how to do it,


Take 8 days annual leave around the Easter bank holidays and get 16 consecutive days off work.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.12.02.png

Days away from the office: Saturday 13th April – Sunday 28th April

Days to book off work: Monday 15th April – Thursday 18th April and Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 26th April


Take 4 days annual leave after the early May bank holiday and get 9 consecutive days off work.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.13.55.png

Days away from the office: Saturday 4th May – Sunday 12th May

Days to book off work: Tuesday 7th May – Friday 10th May


Take 4 days annual leave after the late May bank holiday and get 9 consecutive days off work.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.14.55.png

Days away from the office: Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June

Days to book off work: Tuesday 28th May – Friday 31th May


Take 4 days annual leave after the August bank holiday and get 9 days off work.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.16.12.png

Days away from the office: Saturday 24th August – Sunday 1st September

Days to book off work: Tuesday 27th August – Friday 30th August


Take 5 days annual leave around the Christmas holidays and get 12 days off work.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.17.05.png

Days away from the office: Saturday 21st December – Wednesday 1st January

Days to book off work: Monday 23th December – Tuesday 24th December, then Friday 27th, Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st.

Or you could just stay in the pub and watch as your work colleagues make the most of their time off. However, if its adventure you’re after, discover our hand-crafted trips.


Content courtesy of Much Better Adventures

21 Gift & Experience Ideas In Leicester


21 Gift & Experience Ideas In Leicester

Gift & Experience ideas to spoil that special someone..

1: Let's start off with a bang... orrrr a 'happy baby' pose.


6-week Yoga programme With Krupa Shikotra...

Practicing Yoga In any shape or form has amazing benefits alone!

But here's some more benefits to having the 6-week yoga programmes I'm running 🧡

DM if you'd like to get involved in the 6-week programmes and start the journey For YOU ✌

The programme is the perfect way to work with special health concerns, injuries or any other limitations you may learning how to adapt and modify postures to suit your needs
Private yoga lessons will give you a crash course on the basics of yoga, which will give you the foundation necessary to feel comfortable in a group environment.

The sessions can be offered in the comfort of your own home and at a time that better suits your life, making it easier not to lose the motivation.

Allows me to help you set specific goal and plans, such as rehabilitation or personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation.
Develop and learn..take your yoga practice to the next level, explore areas in more depth or simply have some support whilst leading you into more challenging poses in a safe and inspiring environment.

Get in touch by email: or visiting Krupa Shikotra Yoga and DM for more information on the 6-week programme.

2: Create a family tradition with these gems 💎...


Elegent, timeless, ceramic baubles with your loved ones names on. A meaningful gift that can be treasured forever. Your choice of name in various colours to suit.

One of my favourite things in life is creating memories and at Christmas I am all about tradition. We listen to the same songs and watch the same festive films and rather than this being tiresome, it's comforting and warming instead and brings with it all the feels. It makes me happy. Although times and tastes change we still have a handful of decorations we put out every year, Christmas wouldn't be the same without them.

No matter how your scheme changes or how old your kids gets these personalised ceramic baubles will last a lifetime. Start a new tradition today.


Such a fun and cool experience for everyone whether you're just getting into climbing or a pro. 

Give a gift of a day pass for your loved ones!!

Try it out for as little as £7 for kids or £9 for adults. With staff willing to help and guide and lots of fun routes to work on it’s a great way to socialise and build confidence!

Visit: for more information or visit Hannah and the team in the Highcross Leicester


Another incredible Leicester based business, what an amazing idea!! Hire this 9 hole crazy golf course to bring the seaside fun home. *Suitable for all sorts of adults 😄😜.

Fun! Life can be far too serious sometimes. Every now and then we need to break away from the responsibilities of the day to day and just enjoy ourselves. Behave as though we were kids again, not have a care in the word, feel joy, be silly and laugh with abandon. All these feelings come with playing on our portable 9 Hole Crazy Golf Course. We are suitable for any event whether that be a Wedding, Party, Corporate Do or any other Function you can think of. We arrive and set everything up so all you need to do is pick up a putter and play! 
What's the first thing we do when we go to the seaside? Eat an ice cream and play crazy golf of course. Think of how happy you feel when you play, we can bring that feeling to your event. You won't be able to keep the smile off your face 😊

Visit their facebook page or visit: to find out more details.

Day 5: Wood Doodles.


This guy is a man of many talents and is offering his amazing spoon carving courses through out 2019.

Visit: to find out more information, or DM on the Wood Doodles Facebook page (tagged above).

He even has a waiting list it’s that good!! So don’t leave it till last minute or you will miss out.


10 Days of Yoga for £15 👀🧘‍♀️

Know a friend who is dreading the winter months? What a great gift to avoid the winter hibernation and keep your body moving with Hotpod Yoga Leicester's Intro Offer - 10 days of hot yoga for £15!!

Download & book via the app 'Hotpod Yoga' or visit:

DM their facebook page (tagged above) or email: for more information on this amazing offer.


Wine tasting and vineyard tour.

You don't get many chances to visit a vineyard living in Leicestershire but this one is incredible. Based in Rothley, this cosy family run vineyard will treat you like royalty. Have a tour of the vineyard and discover how the wine is made. Afterwards, relax and have a glass (or two) of their homemade delicious wine & take a walk down to the picturesque waterside at the bottom of the vineyard.

A great day out for everyone.

Visit their facebook page (tagged above) and DM for more information or visit:

8: Scuba Diving with Let's Get Lost Leicester


If you have ever wondered what is going on in under the water world & wanted to explore, then these courses are the way to do it!

They’ll open up a whole new world for you to explore; 
> Diving with dolphins, 
> Exploring sunken ships, 
> Dive between the tectonic plates or 
> Exploring underwater caves.

There are truly an endless amount of adventures you can do that these courses give you the passport to explore.

From Open Water Diver to Rescue Scuba Diver and all sorts of speciality qualifications in between, there is a course for all the explorers out there.

DM us on our Facebook page, email: or visit:


Treat yourself whilst helping the homeless.

'Eric' a 50-year-old Ice Cream caravan trailer converted coffee wagon, who has a huge selection of hot drinks with added Christmas specials; Winter Spice, Eggnog and Gingerbread lattes. They also have indulgent hot chocolate and a white chocolate which is heavenly.

#Vegans are well catered for with options for Hot Chocolate and Chai Lattes and a great selection of delicious treats from Chocoholic.

'Eric' is currently cosying up at the Ice Rink in Jubilee Square in Leicester's city centre for the whole of Christmas until Jan 6th.

So get your ass down to Jubilee Square and go say hello to these wonderful people & 'Eric' and grab yourself a delicious hot drink to warm you up during this winter festive period.

The funds go to a range of services offered at the Charity from paying the
building rates, to art therapy sessions and of course towards feeding the

At least £1.00 per drink goes to The Bridge, this equates to 1
meal for a homeless person or rough sleeper.

If you want to get in touch to find out more information please visit their facebook page (tagged above) and send them a DM, I am sure they would love to hear from you or visit: to find out more about the charity.

10: Escape 


Gift voucher for an escape room.

If you've never experienced an escape room before this is your chance!! The thrill and excitement as you enter the room for the first time & try to workout the clues is immense. And if you have already done one then you know how exciting and challenging they can be and you've been waiting for this excuse to go back...

Treat your family & friends with an escape 🎁gift voucher this Christmas🎄(giving you the perfect reason to join them)

Beat the clock or get trapped inside forever!!

Send Escape Leicester (tagged above) a DM for more information, visit: or give them a call for more info.

📞 07539 866 994


Jump into Christmas this year with Flip Out Leicester.

This snowball fight sounds awesome!!

It's £10.99, this includes access to all of their trampolines, foam pits, gladiator beams, tumble tracks, wipeout machine and the insane obstacle course.

The arena will be filled with snowballs for you to launch at each other, are you a dodger or a thrower? 🎄🎅

Sessions will run at 12pm, 2pm & 4pm.

Visit their facebook page (tagged above) & send them a DM. visit: to find out more information.

12: Personalised handwritten greeting cards


Personalised handwritten greeting cards featuring your favourite quotes and special messages to give you & your loved ones all the feels, by the wonderful Jos Westwick.

Find out more details by checking out @westeleven on or visit: to get them before they have gone. 

13: Adventurer: kayak & Camping with Let's Get Lost Leicester


Give a gift of adventure!

Disconnect completely from the busy rush of the city and immerse yourself in adventure for a full day and overnight stay. Kayak along our river route designed for wildlife spotting and getting your fix of fun, stop off at a riverside pub for an ice cold drink, before paddling to our secret campsite in the woods for an evening of delicious BBQ food and campfire conversations!

Whether you want to grab your pals and bring them along, or come on your own and make new friends - this trip is the perfect way to escape the everyday and bring back the fun and adventure to your life!

Find out more details, send us a DM or visit:

14: A gift of fitness with PT sessions, Chris Barana Personal Training


Know a friend wanting to kick off their new year's resolutions with a bang? Or maybe you're wanting to treat yourself to some PT sessions?

Grab this amazing offer from Chris:

>>> Bring a friend or family for a free training session or nutritional advice <<<

>>> Get yourself 2 sessions 25% off when you buy 10 sessions up front <<<

Visit his facebook page (tagged above) and send Chris a DM to find out more information.

15: Leicestershire Ghost Hunts


Take part in real paranormal investigations with all the very latest paranormal equipment on-hand. Your Haunted Evening will combine an array of new and old style experiments at some of the most haunted locations throughout the UK.

Choose from haunted castles, museums, mansions, underground haunts and abandoned asylums. Whatever type of ghost hunt experience you choose, our friendly paranormal team of specialists will be on-hand to ensure your ghost night will be the most memorable and fun experience you’ll ever dare to have!

Ghost Hunts from £20pp

Visit their website at to find out more information and book your hunt!

16: Treat that special someone to a feast at Pho Leicester


Rather than burden your friend with a gift they have to 'pretend to like' - 'hide it until you forget' - 'and then re-gift it to someone else' (and so the process continues for all of eternity..)

Take them to Pho, with incredible Vietnamese food and a great selection for both meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans (so it doesn't matter what 'label' they've decided on this week) and delightful service and atmosphere it's a definite 'must go' to restaurant.

Visit: to book your table and check out its menu. As it's part of the Highcross Leicester you can buy a Highcross gift voucher which is eligible for use there.

P.s. The summer rice rolls and broken rice curry are amazing!! Just saying.

17: Adventure Gift Voucher from Let's Get Lost Leicester


With a heap of adventures to choose from...
>> Scuba Diving 
>> Paddle To The Pub
>> Kayak & Camping Experience
>> Picnic & Bubbly
>> And many more
...there's not any gift better to give.

Buy your voucher instantly here:

Send us a DM or visit: to find out more about our trips.

18:Get In The good books with Kate Chell Jewellery

If you want to be in the good books then this is the way to do it!

Kate makes natural handmade jewellery with love and passion and this can be seen in the quality and sparkle of the items.

You can even design your own necklace & choose your own charms ❤️#getcreative

Send Kate a DM (tagged above), email: or visit: to see the full range she has on offer.

19: Caddyshackers - Crazy golf for Adults!


This please is insanely fun, if your looking for something to do then this is it.

18 Hole Crazy Golf ✅ 
Sexy Cocktails & Mocktails ✅ 
Delicious Street Food ✅ 
Pools Tables & Arcade Games ✅

No need to say much more except, get yourself down there! Send them a DM (tagged above) or visit: to find out more information & book!

20: Crush that Can’t with Sophie French


A Facebook private members group specifically for women who are committed to: squashing self-doubt, unlocking and owning their superpowers, crafting their magnetic message, and sharing their bright beautiful selves with the world.

It’s for women who are ready to BRING IT and go deeper into what’s holding them back, ‘crush the can’t’ in their head and shimmy on up to the next level!

Is that you? Get your cute butt in here already!

Send Sophie a DM (tagged above) or visit: to find out more information & join!

21:Our Final Gift & Experience Idea

We saved the best for last...

The best gift you can give this year is you & your LOVE 💖💝! (soppy we know 😁 but we don't care!)


Share it with everyone, not only the people closest to you but all the people you pass on the street, the other gym goers, supermarket shoppers, friends of friends of friends, your Facebook community, the people you catch the bus with but never speak to, the bus driver, taxi man, neighbours...

I think you get the gist, basically, open yourself up, have some fun and love on everyone you come in contact with and you'll find that the person receiving your love will share that love on and on and on (like the universe or the search for the needle in the haystack, it's endless)

And we thought riding the weirs in a kayak was the best 'ripple effect' to be a part of...

You can start your 'love sharing' by loving this post ☺️

Happy Adventures!